What Families need to know about Wellington College International School

The Wellington Identity is part of the College’s vision and mission and is the articulation of what we hope our pupils will gain by virtue of a Wellington education. There are five core identities. We want Wellingtonians to be:

Individual, Independent, Inclusive, Intellectual and Inspired.

At Wellington College International Shanghai we have a sixth, ‘International’. It may seem counterintuitive to have to define what we want for our ‘international’ school pupils given that they are at an international school. Certainly, our pupils have advantages compared to those in a monocultural environment. However, being in an international school does not guarantee an ‘international outlook’. Further, simply having an ‘international outlook’ may be too narrow an ambition for us, and for our pupils.

As part of our accreditation process with the Council of International Schools (CIS), we are looking deeply into the concept of global citizenship. Oxfam defines global citizenship as ‘encouraging young people to develop the knowledge, skills and values they need to engage with the world’. It extends beyond the realm of international because it moves us towards thinking about that which is common on an interpersonal level, rather than that which is different on a national or cultural plain. Moreover, it challenges all of us to think about our perceptions of others, our interactions with people from different cultural backgrounds and our sense of responsibility to the world around us.

Even more so that we do now, our pupils are going to face global issues. These are issues that cannot be contained within national borders: the environment, technology, food security, fuel shortages and conflict. We have become an interdependent world; one where independent actions may not be possible, or effective. Learning to work with and move through different cultures, without prejudice and preconception, is not just a necessary part of life: it is an obligation too.

At Wellington, therefore, we have defined our sixth ‘I’ thus

Wellingtonians are global citizens. Wellingtonians have a sense of belonging to the wider world and are actively engaged on all levels; from the local and personal, to the global and public. They have a recognition of their responsibility to work positively for a more sustainable, peaceful and fair world.

It is an ambitious statement. It will require considerable commitment on the part of everyone in the College community and we will all share the challenge. It is also part of a journey that started when the College opened in 2014, and it is one that is unlikely to ever be ‘complete’. At times we may find conflicting views between members of the community and it may require us to question ourselves too. We believe, though, it is a challenge worth undertaking. Including such an ambitious articulation of ‘international’ in our mission is intentional; it will not be the easiest choice we make, or commitment we accept, but it could well become one of our most meaningful.
Eleanor Prescott, Principal



Whole School matters


Uniform guidance for whole school photo on Monday 16th April
Sixth form
Boys: Dark suit (or jacket and trousers), shirt and tie
Girls: Dark suit (or jacket and trousers or skirt) and shirt.
Jackets are required

Prep and Senior (Years 3- 11)
Boys: gold crested school jumper + white shirt + school tie + black trousers + long black socks and black shoes.
Grey trousers may still be worn by Prep pupils, though black is preferred.
Blazers may not be worn for photos

Girls: gold crested school cardigan or jumper + white shirt + school tie + knee length school skirt + either black tights, blue knee or blue ankle socks and plain black school shoes.
Blazers may not be worn for photos.

Pre-Prep summer dresses or winter pinafores may not be worn by girls in year 3 and above.

Pre-Prep (Nursery – Year 2)
Boys: gold crested school jumper + white shirt + school tie (years 1 and 2 only) + grey or black trousers + black trouser socks and black shoes.

Girls: gold crested school cardigan or jumper + summer dress + blue or black tights or blue knee or blue ankle socks and plain black school shoes

All pupils from Nursery to year 11 must have a gold crested school jumper or cardigan for the photos. Badges must be removed. Visible names on jumpers or cardigans are not allowed.

Pre-Nursery: PE kit and black trainers




Upcoming concerts
Following a successful arts festival before the holiday, the music department is highlighting the incredible work of its performers with three performances next week to which parents are warmly welcome.

On Tuesday 17th April at 6pm, the College theatre will sing to the tune of our incredible ensembles. This will include our orchestras, choirs, jazz band, drumming groups, latin band and our new European folk music ensemble.

Our music staff have enjoyed an incredible week of auditions for our annual young musician of the year competition. On Friday 20th April the final will be held at 3pm in the theatre. Finally on Saturday 21st April a number of our pupils will be performing as part of the Summer Festival!

We hope you have the opportunity to watch some or all of these performances and witness the hard work that Wellington musicians put in to create such inspiring performances.

Instrumental lessons at Wellington
Lessons for the summer term have now begun and we still have a few spaces left if you would like to join our programme of instrumental lessons. For further information, please contact the music department.
Sam Mulliner, Head of Music


Bursar’s coffee morning
If there are any non-academic issues or ideas you would like to share, please come and join the Bursar’s coffee morning in the V&A on Tuesday 17th April, 9am.
Lydia Lim, Co-Bursar


Invigilators needed

Wellington College are looking to recruit volunteers to aid with the invigilation of external IGCSE and IB examinations, from 27th April to 20th June. If you would be interested in helping out, please contact James Beadle, our examination officer. Parents from all areas of the school are welcome and all necessary training will be provided. The College will reimburse you for your time, along with all travel expenses, as well as providing suitable refreshments.
James Beadle, Examination officer


Summer Festival 2018: Get your tickets now

This year’s summer festival with the theme of ‘Aloha Hawaii’ is not to be missed! Entertainment for the day includes performances, amazing food and refreshments, a Hawaiian market, plus activities such as crafts, face painting, pony rides, a climbing wall, bouncy castles, surfing, festival games and more. Taking place on Saturday 21st April 2018, from 11am – 4pm, the summer festival will provide five hours of family fun. Get your hula skirts ready and book your tickets now.


Senior School matters

Congratulations to Thea on her success in the Little Star/Canadian International School of Beijing short story competition. Her story, on the theme of “The Lesson”, was third in her age category – and even more of an achievment considering that this year’s competition saw a record number of entries, with over 500 stories submitted by young writers from around China.

Our year 13 pupils have (definitely) begun their study leave today, ahead of the IB examinations that will soon begin. This is not, in any sense, ‘goodbye’, but it’s still a significant moment. The year 13 pupils and their teachers have worked hard for two years and the pupils should now feel ready to step up, confidently, to prove what they have achieved and who they are. They carry with them the warmest of good wishes from every single one of us. Efe, Luka, Tom, Sam, Max, Jackson, Jessica, Ken, Johnson, James, Parakh, Rebecca, Jenny, Michael and Jennifer: we believe in you and are proud of you.
Joseph McKee, Head of Senior School



Prep School matters

Little Star short story competition
I am delighted to announce that in the recent Little Star magazine writing competition there were many winners from the Prep School.  Congratulations to all those listed below.  Please do remember us in the future when you are collecting your Booker or Nobel prize!

Group I (under 9y) 3rd prize winner: Jan; Complementary prize winner: Evgeny
Group II (10-12y) 2nd prize winner: Amber; Complementary prize winners: Annabelle, Riley, Joe and Hayul

A roaring success
In our awards assembly on Monday there was no doubting which house is currently head of the pack for academic attainment and effort.  Lynedoch topped both tables in Lower Prep and were only pipped by Stanley to the effort title in Upper Prep.  Not surprisingly the other houses want to get their teeth into the prizes so that the situation doesn’t re-mane the same. In an effort to motivate his Combermere cubs to do better in the house standings, Mr Ugoala dressed in a lion suit for the entire day on Tuesday.  He was certainly the king of the Upper Prep jungle that day. Will Combermere rise to the challenge?  Will the other houses follow suit?  What will Mrs Hambling come dressed as next?  Watch this space for further news.

Andrew Willis, Head of Prep School


Everything seems to be a bit more colourful, bright and cheery as we bask in the beautiful blue sky and warm sunshine that Shanghai has been experiencing recently. I hope everyone was able to have a relaxing break and you are now all refreshed and ready for the term ahead. We have some very exciting events coming up this term, the Summer Festival (21st April), family brunch event on 6th May, Football Competition in China, the Annual Ball 2nd June, the FOW AGM “annual general meeting” (24th May), coffee mornings and a few more fun things along the way. Needless to say, we will be busy busy over the next couple of months.


With the Summer Festival fast approaching, it’s time to buy some raffle tickets. As in previous years, the price will be 50 RMB for one ticket or 200 RMB for 5, we have some fantastic prizes this year, don’t forget the tombola, always a lot of fun. Tickets will go on sale very soon so keep an eye out for WeChat announcements and details from me in next week’s The Week Ahead. As a reminder, our FOW chosen charity for this year’s Summer Festival is He Haven, a charity that is raising funds to help build a shelter for over 100 rescued dogs. Recommandation online 


Lastly, from me this week, I wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming family day brunch at the W hotel on Sunday, 6th May. Tickets will be going on sale soon; adults full package 428 RMB, normal package with soft drinks and juices 328 RMB and children aged 7-12 184 RMB. Should be a fun afternoon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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