Chinese Children suffered sexual Molestation in Chinese “Top” Kindergarten

Beijing (CNN) Beijing police arrested a teacher while investigating allegations that children were drugged and molested in a kindergarten.

Who Can Protect China’s Children From Kindergarten Abuse?

A 22-year-old teacher named Liu at RYB Xintiandi, a private kindergarten in Beijing, was detained on Saturday for abusing students, Beijing police said in a statement. Chinese police often do not provide the full names of the suspects.

Chinese military involment ?

The police also announced the detention of another woman for “rumor”, accusing her of posting fabricated information online about the involvement of military personnel in the incident, which provoked an unusual denial of the ministry. of Defense on Friday.
RYB Education, the Beijing-based, New York-based company that runs the kindergarten, apologized to children, parents, and the public in a statement released on Saturday. He stated that he had dismissed the detained teacher and the head of the kindergarten, while continuing to cooperate fully with the authorities in the investigation.

“There was a serious breach of our management obligations,” the statement said. “We must take responsibility, think deeply, and study and rectify (our operations).”
The company has promised to provide psychological counseling to victims, improve security measures at its facilities and set up an independent supervision system.

Chinese social media Scandals

Two public incidents provoking national indignation dominated Chinese social media this week: one is the massive expulsion of migrant workers from Beijing, as reported yesterday by the diplomat; the other is a child abuse scandal that erupted in an upscale kindergarten in Beijing.

If any part of the Chinese middle class still believes that forced evictions have nothing to do with them – since the direct victims of eviction are mostly low-educated, low-income people, or so-called “low-wage labor” range “- then The Kindergarten scandal undoubtedly broke the illusion of the middle class that financial prosperity can guarantee them a safe environment in China.

Chinese Parents are scared

Recently, many Chinese parents have discovered needle marks on their children’s bodies. According to some of these parents’ media reports, their children later stated that they had been injected with unidentified substances, that they had received unidentified white pills after lunch and that they had been forced to stand naked as a punishment. Some parents even alleged that their children had been sexually assaulted



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