Chinese Mother spend 1 million Rmb luxury goods for 2 year old daughter


The last two decades witness an upward shot in the economy growth of China, at a dizzying speed. The economic reforms introduce by Deng Xiaoping are successfully followed by the successors. Today we see China as one of the dominant power in the entire world.

one child policy

Many decades ago the Government of China, introduces a policy for the public to having only one child. This policy was a preventive measure a taken by the government when the population of the China started increasing at an alarming rate. There is no doubt in the fact that this action controls the hugely increasing population of the China, however, if we look at the drawbacks of this particular policy, the most annoying one is the fact that at present almost entire population of China is the only child of their parents. Furthermore, this state of being the only child brings many issues in the young one who gets extra special attention from the whole family. Even though now the government put up the ban from its one child policy but the generation who is the only child is facing issues. A recent demonstration of the splashing of wealth in the name of the only child comes when Shanxi, a two-year-old toddler gets the biggest birthday gift of her life. Shanxi lives in Taiyuan along with her parents and is the only child of her parents. Recently she turned two, and celebrate her birthday while modeling with her mother at Hotel runway. As wearing expensive clothes and walk on the ramp is not something entirely unique. However, the single feature in Shanxi case is that she wore all the expensive brand which we probably dream about wearing during our entire life, but this two-year toddler have it all when she is just get two years old.

Her mom reveals that she bought all these expensive clothes during her visit to Europe, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the dresses include all the brand labels known to the fashion industry including Burberry, Channel, Dior, Armani, LV, and Prada, you take the name, and she has it all.

161,242 USD of gift

According to her super mom, all these clothes and accessories are worth more than one million yuan nearly 161,242 USD. Furthermore, Shanxi’s mother is of the view that they can do such thing for their precious daughter, so they will continue to do so, as it is something which gives her immense pleasure and satisfaction that her daughter will have everything which probably she did not have in life.

luxury Chinaluxury chinaaluxury chineseluxury mom china


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However, one aspect we all should keep in mind is that such splashing out of an ungodly sum of money is creating an inferiority complex in the lower class living without such facilities and luxurious life. So when a doting mother in the Taiyuan Province, throw a lavish party in celebration her daughter turning two, there is an only child present somewhere else in China who deprived of the basic facilities of life. However, one point we can assume with conviction is that Shanxi is not going to forget her birthday bash ever.

luxury for young Chinese emperors

(luxury is crazy market in china )

A blast in second kids was precisely what the focal government was seeking after when it declared the lifting of the world’s most disputable family arranging plan, ordinarily known as the “one-youngster arrangement” in October 2015. Be that as it may, every one of these exemptions were no assistance to Shanghai-based Zengdong Yang, 35, and her 36-year-old spouse Ruwei Hong. They have a five-year-old girl, Chen, and were anxious to have a moment kid. Be that as it may, with each having their very own kin, they didn’t qualify under the past directions, until an all inclusive two-tyke strategy was presented.

A new policy

Becoming effective from January 2016, China’s new widespread two-youngster approach was the perfection of years of releasing its family arranging laws, which, since 2014, allowed ethnic minorities, rustic couples with a first-conceived young lady, and in addition any couple in which no less than one gathering is a lone kid, to have two kids. This year denoted the demise of the world’s most scorned social-building test: China’s one-youngster arrangement, which was disclosed in 1979 in the conviction that comrade frameworks could diminish the quantity of mouths the People’s Republic expected to encourage. At last, it worked out that nature works; populaces actually decrease as a general public becomes wealthier. Be that as it may, for the 13 million or so unregistered Chinese, a large portion of whom were conceived in negation of family-arranging directions, the one-tyke strategy’s overwhelming impacts still persevere.


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