Xiaomi Ordered to Remove Shared E-Bikes from Beijing Streets

It took four days to be in business, but a bicycle-sharing electric company based in Beijing was ordered to remove their e-bikes from the streets of the capital, China Daily reports.

This particular company, called Xiaomi, owned a fleet of 50 electric bicycles that were used along the line 10. Similar to other bike-sharing companies, such as Mobike, Xiaomi e-bikes can be rented by the conference of QR codes.

However, a few days after the operation of the company, Beijing Traffic Management Bureau announced that Xiaomi news did not comply with local regulations. The main problem was that the bicycles did not have license plates. In Beijing, it is illegal to mount electric bicycles without a license plate.

However, there are also general concerns about e-bike safety in Beijing. E-bikes, like Xiaomi, travel at much higher speeds than traditional bicycles that are rented by companies like Ofo and Mobike.


In response to the suspension, Xiaomi said that its e-bike sharing system is still in its testing phase and that the company will receive license plates on all vehicles before the operation resumes.

In the wake of bicycle sharing in China, the sharing of e-bicycles is in fashion in Beijing (and China). There are currently 10 major electric bicycle companies operating in China. But for security reasons, it remains to be seen how these companies will go.


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