10 tips to live in China

What you need to know if you want to live in China!
This is it, this is not a dream, you’ve arrived at the other end of the world! And this is where the adventure begins. A little lost in this new world? This is quite normal. But above all, do not keep both feet in the same shoe! Quick, quick, act. Here are tips for a better life in China!

TIP 1: buy a notepad resistant and a good pen

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Can not by chance at the other end of the world. Expatriation is mostly driven by a professional choice. Your business will therefore welcome you and therefore help you to settle. But no secret, it’s probably your colleagues who will give you the most reliable information on the life, the city, the good tips, things not to do … So, especially, note, note everything! Because your brain is a little boil lately and when signing your lease for your home, you may well have to do with the advice you gave Lucien on neighborhoods to avoid! And this is not the time to have forgotten everything! Of course, also ask pipes local but especially not you cut the French community which has the same habits and customs than you, so the same reference!

TIP 2: find a “home sweet home”

No way to move again in a few months, you have made sufficient cartons like that without having to start within 6 months. So he will not have to go wrong place … First of all, the neighborhood! It is important that it is not too far from the workplace, school and potential friends of the children, or some supply stores. What type of accommodation to choose? A house often requires a lot of logistics but offers the family a pleasant living environment. The compound, kind of subdivision will enable faster integration but beware of the dangers of promiscuity. The apartment, choice unsurprisingly, can sometimes fail to charm. To you to clearly measure the strengths and weaknesses of each of these solutions according to your lifestyle that will not change, even to 10,000 km of your country!

TIP 3: eat well to keep smiling

Upon arrival abroad, life continues! You may be staying in an apartment hotel until we have found your permanent accommodation. But so far, we have to eat and thus fill the refrigerator. Your first trip to the supermarket will not be an easy task. It may well be reduced to hours of wandering in the alleys where you will recognize nothing familiar … Do not panic! After a few more or less successful experiments in culinary terms, you will gradually your bearings, and you’ll probably be surprised to discover in an alley one day, the Little butter or Camembert!

Check also http://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/living/articles/moving-to-china-to-work-and-live.shtml

TIP 4: walk and walk again

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Nothing better to discover and understand a city walking. Armed with a good detailed city map, go get lost in the streets. Start with your neighborhood and then over time, expand its field of discovery! You will discover a life far from the tourist guides, full of charm places unknown to the greater number and therefore strengthen your sense of belonging.

TIP 5: join the French home of your city

Associations, Accueils francophones, francophones Circles … In most of the world’s capitals, speaking networks offer many services to Francophone expats in the city. Ask your embassy or consulate of your contacts you give the office. Often these associations publish a practical guide to life, sort of bible newcomer, identifying good bakeries, health services, nurseries, good wine from French Cellar etc. from the city. They organize very often early in the year a coffee meeting. Although such meetings scares you, keep a lot of humor and tolerance and know that often there nice encounters!

TIP 6: go to every party


Whoever you are, you belong to a community! Students, LIFE, entrepreneurs, artisans, tennis players … All opportunities are good to meet new people, so do not hesitate to accept all the invitations that will be proposed. Behind a small oven will certainly hides your future friends!

TIP 7: get involved in community life

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This is the early season with Rio Lions Football Club. It is therefore high time to take your license as well as children! And who knows … a ball game can lead to a good meeting! The treasurer of the association Britons Bangkok has just returned to France. Why not replace it? In short, identify your passions and quickly get involved in sports clubs and / or associations if your schedule allows. This will help to expand your address book and perhaps even out of the francophone community. The better way to get involved is also to learn learn chinese in Beijing!

TIP 8: organize, plan their weekends

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The weeks can be tiring, but attention to the inaction of the weekend. It is important to create projects, to have goals quickly. The organization weekends a few weeks in advance often helps to establish a more stable living environment and therefore reassuring. It also helps to get out of his neighborhood of the city to discover the country. Hint convenient for you avoid a cold sweat, thinking about buying a GPS!

TIP 9: learn the basics of the language

To buy fruit at the market, network with your neighbors or to order the little restaurant around the corner, it is often very helpful to master some basics of the language of your host country. A minimum of 2 hours per week seems necessary to acquire in a short time the basics of the local language. Learn Chinese in shanghai

TIP 10: keep informed

You are already subscribed to the newsletter of petijournal.com! Congratulations! You will have access not only to news from your country but also through the agenda, the list of cultural events of interest to the French public. To better understand the economic, political and social of the country, do not neglect reading the local press and / or English as well as consultation of information on the Web sites. It is therefore important to quickly have a phone line and a good internet connection at home!
And you, what are the tips that you can bring to newcomers in your country?

Give us your experiences

We publish all good comments 🙂


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