Ming Tombs

Ming Tombs

Ming Tombs is the Chinese Ming Dynasty emperor tombs, located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing Changping District territory Yanshan foothills Shoushan days. The total area of ​​more than 120 square kilometers, about fifty kilometers from Beijing.

Ming Tombs

Here Yongle seven years since the beginning of May as Changling, the last Ming emperor Chongzhen buried in a mausoleum stop thinking, during 230 years, has built thirteen emperors tombs, seven concubine tomb, the tomb of a eunuch. Thirteen imperial tombs were built the mountain, were built in the foothills east, west and north, forming a complete system, large-scale, magnificent mausoleum buildings.

Ming Tombs

Ming Dynasty Warlock think, here is the “feng shui” shengjing, great “Kat soil.” Therefore chosen as construction Ming imperial tombs “perennial life domains.”







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