Brazil World Cup tourism revenue is expected to $ 2.97 billion

Brazil World Cup tourism revenue is expected to $ 2.97 billion

Brazil’s tourism minister said pulling Geis, Brazil and overseas tourists are expected to total spending 6.7 billion Brazilian reais will host the World Cup tournament in 12 cities (about 2.97 billion U.S. dollars), and Rio de Janeiro will be the majority.

According to reports, pulling heat Adams said at a news conference, said the total includes accommodation, transport and expenditures in the restaurant, bar.



He also said the World Cup-related spending is expected to occur in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will reach 1 billion reais, while the country’s southern city of Curitiba share of the cake will be the smallest, only 297 million reais.

The maximum number of people to watch sporting events worldwide 12 host city will bring 3.7 million tourists, including 600,000 foreign tourists.

Pull heat Adams said the World Cup will give Brazil a tremendous window of opportunity; they are preparing a consolidation of the country’s image as a tourist destination activities; each year will usher 6,000,000 tourists in Brazil, but insignificant compared to its potential.

Pull heat Adams said over the weekend, the Brazilian neighbors, it’s the same for the soccer powerhouse Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina team competition was held in Rio de Janeiro known maracana stadium, visitors to the city cost of $ 50 million.

Since the majority of Rio de Janeiro will host the World Cup matches, including the final, so the city from tourists who get the most revenue.



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