Beijing World Park

Beijing World Park

World Park set the world in one spot. Located in Fengtai District of Beijing Huaxiang Davao station, 16 km from the city center.

Park in accordance with the overall layout of the territorial division scenic continents to the world’s 40 countries, 109 miniature famous monuments of the main attractions, a blend of the world’s most famous pyramids of Egypt, France, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the White House, Congress House, Lincoln Memorial, Sydney Opera House and other buildings, as well as Italian, Japanese-style residential areas.

world park

The park also has for dining, shopping and international street, full of exotic international folk village and the fairy tale world, laser fountains.

Attractions modeled on the original building materials as possible, the use of bronze, bronze, gilt, gold, wood, of exquisite, lifelike appearance, maintaining the original style. River Park’s territory in accordance with the five continents, four oceans modeled on the shape and design, originality.


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