Beijing Hutong

A lot of people go to Beijing first thought is that the context of the alley , the alley is not just the city , traffic exchanges Qudao , it is ordinary people living spaces Beijing , is an important stage of development and evolution of the historical and cultural capital .

Beijing has seven thousand alley , each has some anecdotes and legends, the name of the alley variety, some with characters named as prime minister Wen alley ; others in the market , trade names , such as goldfish alley ; others named in Beijing dialect such as puzzle cans alley and so on.

beijing hutong

In Beijing , Hutongs crisscross woven into a blend of breathtaking capital. Alley deep , deep alley countless warm home, this is the Beijing Hutong have special feelings for the root cause . Therefore, it is known as the ancient capital of culture ” Hutong Culture” , the remark is not an exaggeration . Beijing Hutong ancient culture as the carrier , with a timeless charm. Beijing Hutong after hundreds of years of vicissitudes , documented historical changes, style of the times, it is a symbol of old Beijing life, but also reflects Beijing ‘s ancient culture , and we , the urgent need for a consensus to maintain the city ‘s memories and relics.

Nanluoguxiang Hutong most fashionable Petty

Nanluoguxiang is the most popular in recent years, Beijing Hutong area , and the most fashionable alley zone, right here around the store , a bowl of cheese to find family sit or find a specialty shop small restaurant to eat a big meal really is not an ordinary comfortable.

Nanluoguxiang is an alley 800 meters long , with its center of Beijing Hutong area is by far the best preserved old alley pattern during the Yuan Dynasty . From south to north , on both sides of this alley neatly arranged eight alley, in the courtyard Hu can not tell without a history or story segment .


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