Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven Park , in Yongding Gate Avenue , Dongcheng District, on the eastern side . China ‘s largest existing ancient sacrificial buildings. Appeared in the ” World Heritage” list .

The temple was built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years ( 1420 ) , the Ming and Qing dynasties emperor worship heaven , pray for bumper grain harvest of the place .

Temple of Heaven is Heaven , pray Valley two altar collectively, have the altar wall of the double form both inside and outside the altar .

The main building , including the altar , in the South Circular Mound Altar , altar of prayer in the north, two on the altar with a north-south axis .

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

Circular Mound Altar in the main building are the Circular Mound Altar , Imperial Vault of Heaven , and so on , the altar of prayer main building has qiniandian , dry imperial temple , pray doors. The most famous of Heaven in the north , which is the most magnificent building in the Temple of Heaven is imagined from the days of the nearest place .

Temple of Heaven building not only has a unique art style, and some clever use of the building but also mechanics , acoustics, geometric principles , so it has great value.

Temple of Heaven rigorous architectural layout , unique architecture and magnificent architectural structure known to the world . The total area of ​​approximately 2.7 million square meters . The main building , including the altar , South Circular Mound Altar , Imperial Vault of Heaven , north qiniandian , dry imperial temple by a north-south corridor – Danbi Bridge , linking these two groups of buildings . Cooper luxuriant outside altar , surrounded the altar , so that the main buildings look more majestic .

Circular Mound Altar of Heaven is the winter solstice ceremony held in place , the main building there is Heaven , Imperial Vault of Heaven and side hall , kitchen god , three libraries and slaughter pavilion , outbuildings have a service desk , looking lights.

Imperial Vault of Heaven is located in the courtyard outside the Wei north side of the altar , facing south , circular walls, three glass doors located south of the main building has Imperial Vault of Heaven and what side hall is dedicated to the Circular Mound Altar tablets worship places . Huang Qiong Yu Yong Lu before the house number from the north , the former three slate is ” three-tone stone .” When standing stone on the first look at the palm strike , only to hear the sound echo ; while standing on the second stone on strike twice about palm can hear the echo ; When standing stone on the third strike will hear about palm three continuous sound echo.

Around the Imperial Vault of Heaven has a wall thickness of about 0.9 meters , standing against the wall at one end whisper , as long as the person standing on the other side of the wall stickers can hear the ear very clear, and there are stereo effect , which is ” whispering gallery .” This proves that 500 years ago, the Chinese people have been able to use acoustic principles .

Itsuki is performed before the emperor held fast heaven worship place , located in the southwest corner of the altar altar of prayer . Whether the temple was built in utero beam , rest room , bell tower , housing and patrol duty and other ceremonial step Gallery , housing , services, special security architecture, green glazed tiles are used to double wall, two Yugou envelope . Itsuki layout, elegant environment , is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese ritual fasting of the building.



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