Beijing Houhai

Beijing Houhai

Houhai is a view of the houses water and energy and life mountain willow brush slowed beach, the beach, around the palace and former residence of celebrities Jingwei more he was with infinite charm and the history. People come here just to always be able to hear it in the net fall insects, you can still see the old Beijing courtyard buildings of the microcosm, he was still able to chew king Rhyme far.

Houhai old Beijing prestige refreshing, fun place. Hiding in the snack alley radiate all lib, Lu Zhu, the flavor of the sausage, fled with mouthwatering acid Bean.

beijing houhai night

beijing houhai night

Beijing Houhai surrounding gourmet restaurant

BBQ season
Hundred years. Beijing flavor, Pine Grill, a restaurant on the lake.

Holes with a restaurant
Elegant environment, Zhejiang vegetables, wine and flavored with anise beans.

Fishing village in South China Sea
Opened by the lake, summer night, you can dine on the lake, this restaurant, I was not, but it looks good. The estimates are not cheap.

Romantic area
Drum edge, Yunnan Cai, Beijing dishes, I put in place in Beijing on the pier of mustard green, sell this restaurant.

Lakeside Bar
There are plenty of home environment is good.


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