Beijing Specialty Restaurants Wing Inn

Beijing specialty restaurants wing inn

Said wing inn is a bar or restaurant is not exact , here is more like a stronghold , a world outside the arena . Here long gathered all sorts of interesting people, such as random walk right over the world backpackers , carrying a bag four umbrella umbrella gliders fly , ride a bicycle ride what people all over China , there is like music Photography eager for fine wines of various people .

Because of a stronghold , so worthy of our recommendation. As a stronghold of the wing inn offers all the services to eat, drink , and are in line with their ” world” of the arena features. Their “Wild fish pot “, with a 40 cm thick ceramic pots filled , fragrant and tender catfish stew pot of spicy tofu lettuce accompanied wire or something, think about the flow of saliva. There are all kinds of stone pot dishes wing inn , on the transformation of Western style , mixed with featured throughout , good luck when the field can catch just back ALICE distribute a variety of specialties . The ” world” is that if you book in advance , they can even give you two delicious pizza .

Drinking , wing inn offers all the high-grade bar common Dangjiu water you drink enough enjoyment . There milkshakes, fruit fishing , citron tea so for girls drinks. Unusually, they are also particularly authentic Indian Masala tea, as well as what ‘s Yunnan plum wine available.

Unlike most restaurants cafes, in addition to meeting the requirements of food and drink , as well as event facilities. Wings inn unexpected is that they actually function so little place full , to see the self-timer photography show DV or a large projection, they want to sing about a few musicians can give you a concert, even here at any time there are people who come on a picked guitar , want to dance since you can open the light to find a DJ HipHop dance. I did not play them so be it.

Up like a quiet secluded mountains of two individuals cafes, gaiety and if a carnival journey , this is your chance to spend my wing inn.

Advantages: cuisine , full-featured , easy parking

Disadvantages :40- 60 gatherings require private use , not suitable for large gatherings of more than 80 people .

Per capita consumption : 50 yuan

Hours: 11:00 – 1:00

Address: No. 30, Dongcheng District Beixinqiao headlines

Subway :Beixinqiao Station subway line , the Northeast exit, walk eastward Gui Street about 200 meters north of the first alley north of 20 meters , the left hand that is.


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