Beijing The Place

Beijing The Place

The best chance of being confession in such situations , is to marry him, of course, is invincible men – white veil, pigeon eggs , roses, chocolates ….. maybe every girl has had such a vision a . She went to Beijing with a beloved , with the ultimate romantic, the highest point in the metropolis of the forensic sweet romantic yet stimulating Oh !

A ” whole Beijing to watch ,” so here became talkative street place. When “super luxury” LED canopy “hanging over his head ,” one night , people ” are often shrouded in the ocean, the stars ,” holidays hit or engage in activities that picture is ” pleasing .” Internal environment is none, after all, is “high consumption” to children . Plus underground food court ” plenty of choice ” , visiting tired, rest one foot good.

The sky is not only entertaining , as well as functional SMS messages. Sometimes, the sky is divided into four cells play SMS , SMS can be sent live . It is said that April 17, 2011 , 7,500 square meters of “Dream sky ” witnessed a romantic marriage proposal , many tourists at the scene to try to vindicate himself loved one , and some blessings relatives and friends. With a beloved girl in gorgeous sky, even without scraper , you can see the hair for her oath on the screen , romantic Thus, to ensure that she can not resist touching !

Throughout the whole street ‘s big screen , combined wealth of fantastic colors and fashion taste combination of sound and light , day and night, you can enjoy the colorful landscape pleasing , if enough pockets drums , not begrudge rice, screened on the big screen with his girlfriend accompanied all the way to shoot photo, romantic and full of meaning , the words aloud in the limelight , it is estimated that she must have cried to see these splinters up !

The Place shopping center is different from the traditional sense , it is an indispensable fashion gathering place , is the most tasteful one-stop leisure shopping is fun fun in the world, is full of healthy cultural atmosphere of the stage, is dynamic fashion hotbed of activity is the sightseeing tourists at home and abroad …… is a recall can be reached even dream place .


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