Five old Beijing snacks

Five old Beijing snacks

Bean flour cake, also known as Lvda Gun, is one of the oldest varieties of snacks in Beijing, its raw material is steamed yellow rice, add water, a little time to pay more and more surface water and soft.


Ai Wo Wo, Beijing traditional snacks, every year around the Lunar New Year, Beijing’s snack bar to this species, has been sold to late summer, so love Wowo Spring varieties are also now supply all year round.


Sugar, fruit roll is the famous Beijing snacks, food favored by Chinese and foreign, notably in women diners alike.


Ginger row fork, you can know its name, it has a raw fresh ginger, fresh ginger flavor so obviously named after eating.


Beijing fried cake with cream snacks are nutritious snack varieties. It is a good use of flour as raw material, the amount of water to burn, the water boiled, low heat, pour the flour pot, stir quickly until the dough by the self becomes gray, while sticky, slightly dry to remove Tangmian .



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