Beijing specialty bookstore

Blue Sheep Bookstore

Underground distribution center for art film lovers

Bookstore Features : 200 meters north from Tsinghua Simon , a difficult to find the alley , with eye-catching yellow signs Bookstore blue sheep often makes a flak find. But for people who love art films , and a few dark wing here is the most wonderful paradise. Blue Sheep Bookstore based operating literary books , there are a lot of films and film-related stuff. Opened the wooden door from the courtyard of a species in the persimmon tree walk, hung with red curtain is being wing cafe , side wing is a small book. Film screenings often held here , we drink coffee together , watching movies , then you can also leave a few words on the film .


Featured: where in addition to operating a number of films and literary books magazines , there are many on the market is difficult to find a theatrical movie disc ( 7 yuan a ) and the famous director Portfolio kit . Disc number is not large, the update frequency is not very fast, almost eleven rake takes over 20 minutes , but can always find surprises. Category careful not to say that many discs also with the shopkeeper to write related presentations , sincerity is really moving . Tsinghua University, teachers and students often come here , to go after some uproar swept through a large number of discs books. Occupy less than half of black and white postcards wall shelf is also well worth a visit , ” Jules and Jim ” stills , Andy Warhol , Zinni O’Connor …… idol of young artists in these postcards ($ 3 a ) in almost have appeared .

Address: Haidian District, Water Mill District No. 3 , 200 meters north of Tsinghua Simon , after the gas station, the second road on the right alley , hours :10:30- 24: 00


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