Beijing Penghao Theatre

Beijing Penghao Theatre

Beijing first folk theatre. In the courtyard converted basis by the. Founded in 2008 September.

Beijing Penghao theater is located in Beijing, East Nanluogu Lane cultural creative zone, located in Beijing drama atmosphere of the center, adjacent to the Central Academy of Drama, China National Theatre, Beijing children’s Art Theatre and the Beijing people’s art theatre.

Penghao theatre, covers an area of 300 square meters. Theatre space of 130 square meters, is a black box theater, stage and the seat can be moved, the canopy glass steel structure, can cover up black or acceptance of natural sunlight. Theater equipment, including lighting — imaging lamp, spotlight, soft lights, a total of 48 teams. The audio equipment for 20 road station and two main sound boxes, and the whole sky projection projection facilities. Can accommodate 100 people to watch the performance.

Theater north and East respectively Coffee Museum, also with theatre Unicom experimental performance. Coffee hall two balconies, courtyards in more than two hundred years old and over almost the entire summer terrace, very cool. Not in theater in Coffee Museum, is the most people to the heart look forward to.


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