Beijing specialty coffee

Pie Cafe : disconnect the bell closest to the sun on the balcony

Keywords : bell , outside , sun

Address : Bay Hutong, Dongcheng District, Clock Tower , No. 41

Opening hours : 13:00-02:00 the next day

Recommended Specifications: Sangria, Mojito , etc.

30 to 40 yuan per capita consumption

Transport: bus stop 5,60,815,834,819 Drum Tower , Bell went to see the steeple of the driveway of the bay. Metro Line 2 and get off at Gulou Street , B mouth, south along the Old Drum Tower Street , 5 minutes walk .


Coffee every Friday 15:00-18:00 cocktail mix and match, 50 cups .

2 coffees pizzas , desserts, etc. .

Neighboring coffee Pie

Window Candle Cafe at the foot of the clock tower , is a quiet , formerly known as South coffee. Come sit in the window seat , looked through the large bay window , watching the dappled shadows reflected in the steeple ; comes tricycle made ​​of white fur and high walls nose people, apparently parallel time here, so shifted . Address: Clock Tower Bay went 29 . Hours: 10:00 -21 : 30.

Zi Yi Café

Small coffee is hot , the windows are bell Bay Plaza, instead , there is an old Pekingese failures , but also to discover the exotic culture of old Beijing faces is a very suitable place stunned. Address: No. 68 , Alley Bay belfry . 08:00-20:00 hours .

Unusual Phoebe

It is a coffee – themed bar and Faye inside , you can see a hanging posters and photos, the boss really worthy of a loyal fan of days later. Address: Clock Tower Bay went 52. Opening hours : 14:00-02:00 in the morning


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