Beijing Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing Street, south of East Chang’an Avenue, north of the Museum of Fine Arts in China, is about three Whalley, is the most famous shopping district of Beijing. Wangfujing general merchandise, hardware, electrical appliances, clothing, diamond jewelry, gold and silver jewelry, silver, commodities in large sales, which is known of an inch of gold as a “great fortune”.



Wangfujing is the most famous shopping street in Beijing, “China Business First Street,” he said.
Commercial Street has nearly a hundred years of history, from the late Ming and Qing Dynasties, here is one of the old commercial center of Beijing. Today, not only Wangfujing Oriental Plaza, APM and other major markets Square, there are also workers Mansion, foreign language bookstore, the new Chinese children, women and other characteristics of a professional shopping, Shengxifu, Donglaishun, Quanjude, Quadruple hairdresser ancient capital of this busy shopping street in modern history has thrown a light color.

How the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees, the Beijing Wangfujing Commercial Street, [3] had already acquired a reputation. For many people a trip to Beijing, the Wangfujing shopping and climbing the Great Wall, is essential to the agenda.

Now this article is full of modern, high-quality, high-level international center shopping street Champs Elysees, France was friendly sisters Street, the international regime to continue to grow. Department Store, Foreign Language Bookstore, Dan Yao Building, Gongmei buildings, department stores Palace women, Ottoman monuments, Sun Dong An Plaza and Shengxifu with the rise and Donglaishun, Quanjude, quadruple salons, pharmacies herbs that are 810 m of commercial gas fully of modern commercial channels.

Patchwork, individually decorated shop, joined hundreds of domestic enterprises and foreign brands. Product range, living sculptures make this 700 year old road has once again invited the youth to 50 million people walk here every day, eager to see his charm.


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