Meeting in 2022 in Beijing?

Meeting in 2022 in Beijing?

Beijing the contract for the three have new winter games
“For Beijing and Zhangjiakou bid for the Olympic Winter Games, we are very happy to offer a new way of thinking because of.” This is the last year in November and make a joint bid for the Beijing Zhangjiakou 2022 Winter Olympics International Olympic Committee President Bach do the first answer. So, the idea of ​​Beijing to Shanghai where the new Olympic Winter Games?
Megacity more complete infrastructure and larger consumer market will bring better results Winter Olympics. Moreover, who have never Olympic Winter Games in the capital of the state instead, which is set Winter Olympic Games in Beijing this purpose also contribute to improving the impact the Olympic Winter Games. Thus, by the mega-cities of the Winter Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games in Beijing “newly” organized Shen first idea.

Olympic Winter Games

Olympic Winter Games

Second, there is no city can “take” Summer Games and Winter Games, Beijing bid set won to host the Winter Olympic Games, the first being held at the same summer and winter Olympics are city. 2008 Beijing successfully hosted the Summer Olympic Games has a movement Olympic valuable legacy that left handed for the Olympic Winter Games in an Application in Beijing, Zhang said. This is the idea of ​​Beijing’s Olympic bid second “new”.
In the games, stream for a Beijing’s bid to make common Zhangjiakou, commented “The application for the Olympic Winter Games attract thousands of people in the participating winter sports, snow sports are not limited to Beijing in the Olympics for promoting winter games after that is are extended to roll this country. “So the Chinese bid to host the Olympic Winter Games is organized to the Interested a winter sports to maintain snow sports, the development of China to promote Beijing’s application Olympic idea of ​​a third” new “. International “I think this time we have the offer, our determination, an expectation that shows” the International Olympic Committee, said the former badminton star Li Ling Wei, that for the Beijing supplement the importance Winter Olympic Games at the Olympic spirit embodies hosts more recognition “China has accumulated precipitation of the Olympic Games in Beijing Olympic heritage heritage and make if Beijing Zhangjiakou application for a joint Olympic Winter Games which is a continuation of Olympic movement understanding.” (Xinhua)

Those games to athletes

Graduation ceremony at 8:14 pm local time clock start, the year of the games that take place. Bach, IOC President at the closing ceremony, said, “Russia has promised one of numerous advanced sports facilities the village Olympic organization and tonight excellent flawless tournament we can say offer: to fulfill its obligations throughout Russia” Unlike in the past the new one if not the family describe the games with a practice vocabulary st Sochi rating ‘! This is the “In the name and the word go-athletes, no more than This is a guest higher.” ‘Athletes Games.


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