Travel in Myanmar, the crisis of Rental

Travel in Myanmar, the crisis of Rental

The hotels are full or overpriced , wrinkled dollars rejected and unnecessary credit cards . Welcome to Burma, fashionable tourist destination , which has all the trouble in the world to cope with the influx of visitors . Fifty years of military dictatorship have completely isolated the country and led to a severe tourist boycott, supported by the opponent and democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi. But a year after the dissolution of the junta in March 2011 and a series of dramatic political reforms , the stigma has disappeared. And Burma is again not only a creep , but attractive.

Beijing People like to travel in Myanmar !

“Because the country was very isolated , the ‘ land of golden pagodas ‘ resonates a strong authenticity , protected from mass tourism and imbued with genuine hospitality ,” wrote the daxue consulting in January , placing the third of the 45 essential destinations in 2012. Enthusiasm as sincere as brutal , which is an insurmountable challenge for a fledgling industry . “To be really honest , at this stage, I do not think that Burma is ready to meet the demand of mass tourism ,” and said Thomas Moons , an official Governor’s Residence in Yangon , a luxurious constantly full .

voyage birmaniesources:

At the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon , the maroon -robed monks used to go around the golden stupa in the greatest calm must now make their way among tourists. Trying to turn camera in hand , to find a cleared under other guests. For international arrivals skyrocketed , with some 365,000 tourists landing in Rangoon in 2011, an increase of 22 % compared to the previous year and almost double that of 2003.

Perfect if anything dollars

This year is expected to reach new highs , with 175,000 arrivals at the airport in the former capital between January and April , against less than 130,000 over the same period in 2011, according to industry figures .
Some regulars are already disappointed. As Klaus , a German tourist , 61, who is in his third tour . ” There are too many people this time,” is he laments , a usually deserted time due to peak heat.
” The people in the hotel were so nice before , smiling and taking care of you, but they do not have the time (…) . And hotel prices go through the roof .”

palaces in Myanmar ?beijing is better !

The palaces are indeed ” overcrowded as ever ” especially in Rangoon , and increased their prices accordingly , Wai Yar Zar Phyoe confirmed , the Tourism Burma. source
But housing is not the only obstacle to Westerners accustomed to Southeast Asia Is easy , especially neighboring Thailand . Almost no establishments accept credit cards , forcing the savvy traveler to take with him, in dollars, all of it will spend .
And if the recent monetary reform can change money at a competitive rate in government offices instead of using the black market, must provide own dollars, ironed and free of defects . Under penalty of the denied .
” Tourists arrived in Burma without enough information and did not take enough fluid to stay ” and testifies Wai Yar Zar Phyoe regret .
Visitors must remember that Burma remains one of the poorest countries on the planet .
“We will continue our operations there, but customer expectations must be managed ,” says Andrew Appleyard, the British agency Exodus Travels, who gave Burma on its list of destinations in 2011 after ten years of absence.
” Service is slow , things do not always work and you have to share places like Shwedagon with hundreds of tourists !


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