A rising form of tourism in China : camping


Tourism is one of the axis chosen by the Chinese authorities to develop the Chinese economy. The economy has been fueled for decades by the exports, now the interior market should become more sism, everything is so new that important. This this why tourism is booming and why the authorities want to see as many types of tourism as possible. The Chinese middle class could be a dream target of a new market of tourism in China.

The habits are changing but when it comes to tourism, everything is brand new and the consumers are rather conservative. They do not spontaneously turn towards tourism. So that camoing might mean brand new opportunities for a lot of areas throughout the country.

This has been a change for a small company in France ? Huttopia, challenged by a brand new adventure : introducing camping in China, nothing less. This is quite an impressive challenge and a dream come true for the executives of the company that are having their Chinese experience.

So far, the company has 200 employees corrsponding to 40 camping sites in France and China is a new continent to them. The plan is to open 30 sites, the first one is already well under way, the 29 others will come later. This is a strong start in China for Huttopia but is not so impressive when you think about the potential within the chinese market. This comes together with economic reforms in China to develop the economy and local government agencies have been implied in the process.

The camping should be easy to develop in China which is a country with many scenic spots that are currently not used. The spectacular landscapes are waiting brand new tourists curious about indivdual tourism while keeping the Chinese way of life. Céline Brosseau, the CEO, is amazed and says « everything is going so fast » !

The first camping in Sichuan will have 400 slots and is the result of a joint venture with Sichuan tourism group, a public funded organization, in charge of developing tourism in this beautiful province.

There will be 150 slots to rent with a bungalow and 250 emply slots to put a tent. Everything is to be done, explaining to the Chinese people how to set up a tent properly shold be taught and shops will have to sell basic equipment within the area.

And campers will very quickly arrive.


Source : Le Figaro

 Scout Real Estate

Travel in China

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