What about renting a villa in Beijing ?


Beijing is seen as a city of high towers, covered with apartment compounds and it doesn’t coma at mind at first that you can rent a house there, but actually there is quite a large choice.

This is really something you can appreciate: more space, family life, protection from the outside world, a garden and some privacy, especially in a city that is as agressive as Beijing, with its traffic jams and pollution.

If you are looking for accomodation in Beijing, you really should consider this choice. The first thing to take into acount is the location where you are working in Beijing because most of the areas where you can rent villas in Beijing are located in the outskirts in district at the northeast.

There is essentially two locations where you can rent the most villas in Beijing: Shunyi and Lido.

Shunyi is the place for villas in Beijing, but it is located at the northeast of the city, in the same district than the Beijing International Capital Airport. There is large green spaces, a lot of scenic spots further east and a dyamic expatriate community. Shunyi is the very synonim of large villa compounds in Beijing, with many different standards. This is the n°1 place you should consider when it comes to rent a villa in Beijing, with other advantages such as the large number of international schools. The whole place is now designed to be the district for familial life in Beijing.

Lido, or actually Lidu as it should be pronounced, is closer to Beijing downtown, but it is at the northeast as well, next to Shunyi. You have some villa compounds there as well.

Other districts of Beijing do have villas, but much more scarcely, but bone of them have the familial life assets of Shunyi and Lido.

The other areas with villa compounds in Beijing are Chaoyang Park, Liangmaqiao, Ditan, Sanyuanqiao qnd Shuangjing. There is some villa for rent there and the advantage of renying one there is that it will make a strong contrast with the urban environment. However, most of the villas in these areas are quite expensive.

If you are looking for a house in Beijing, there is another type of accomodation you should take into consideration: Beijing traditional courtyards. They are not actually vllas but if you have the chance to rent the full courtyard, you’ll find yourself in a large space with an inner garden and houses. There is still some courtyards to rent in Beijing, they are more and more expensive and most of them are located inside the second ring road, this is the core of Beijing.

Villa can be a way of life in Beijing, healthier because you have the feeling of being apart from most pollution, because of the garden, the fact that further east there is less traffic, a little bit less of pollution.

A thing you coud appreciate if you live in Shunyi as well is the expatriate commuity feelig. There is warmth there as many foreigners gather themselves. The villa compounds have clubhouses with a real community life feeling.


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