A great location to rent a serviced apartment in Beijing: Shuangjing

apart shubgjing

Shuangjing is a place in Beijing slightly less known than other districts such as Chaoyang, Shunyi, Sanlitun or Wudaokou. Still this is a very clever place to live in. This is located at the south of Beijing CBD. If you want to find Shuangjing on a map, just sport Guomao subwat station. Guoamao and the north are in Beijing CBD, at the south is Shuangjing.

At once you can see the advantage in Shuangjing: you are actually very close from Beijing CBD but you are in a really less crowded place. For people looking for regular apartments it means as well a (slightly) more afordable rent. This is sometimes seens for Beijing urban planners as the South CBD. Beijing is still developing as a large business hub and companies are looking for grade A offices when the CBD is fully packed. New areas are to be found. One of them is now Wangjing, an area at the north that is becoming a new CBD with amazing real estate projects.

The other place to extend Beijing CBD is Shuangjing.

New subway station have opening in Shuangjing, it is now quite easy to access any place of Beijing in reasonable delays. The subway stations are Shuangjing, Jinsong and Panjiayuan. The third ring road right in the middle of the area ensures that you can navigate quite easily in Beijing by car, but be careful about the traffic jams that are more and more frequent.

The population if Shuangjing is quite nice: it is the rising young Chinese middle class. Bars and restaurants are opening there so that the area (close to the Landgent Center compound) is sometimes refered as a new Sanlitun, which means a nice place to go at night in Beijing. The surroundings of Wangjing subway station do really have a specific life that is worth to be known.

You have some classical places close to it, such as the Temple of Heaven, so that you’ll feel in Beijing. For creation, some contemporary art galleries, the Vitamin Creative Space and the Today Art museum.

Another landmark is the Panjiayuan Antique Market, a market at the south with furniture and art work from all over China. Are the items authentic or not ? You’d better check twice before you invest too much there, but a pat of them are truly genuine and it is the mst renowned antique market in Beijing.

This rarely applies to serviced apartment, but if you have your family in Beijing, be aware that the Beijing City International School is located there.

About the services apartment compounds, the ones we selected are the following: Pingod, Shiqiao apartmenta nd CWTC Century Towers. These place have really high standard and you will appreciate our stay in Beijing.



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