Transformers IV, a blockbuster designed for China ?



Chinese economy is opening on the world and this is beginning to have some incidence on the world movies. The Chinese movie distribution channel are not that open, there is only 34 foreign movies that were displayed on the Chinese screens in 2013, but anyway there is indeed opening, coming from Hollywood. Here is the example of the ulimate blockbusyer with a strong message for Chinese audiences: Transformers 4.

Chinese people are more and more present in the western economy, in various market segments such as the real estate, but not only. Large Chinese companies are being designed to compete globally and these companies want know to gain world visibility.

Transformers IV is a movie currently being filmed that is a illustration of this trend. It is a megablockbuster and many set of the film are located in China. China is been deliberately chosen, and US studios are kurking at the Chinese market and all its promises. At the same time, many Chinese brands are eager to have more visibility on the US market and taking part to a movie is a good way to achieve such a goal.

There is going to be a lot of Chinese product placement in Transformers 4. Rob Moore, vice chairman of Paramount pictures even stated that there is more Chinese product lacement in this movie than in any american movie so far.

Product placement was not that difficult since a large part of the movie storyline takes place in China. The advantage there is that product placement will allow the film to have a real “Chinese taste” and that it won’t feel that artifcial or like something designed in the weste for Chinese audiences. Chinese product placement is part of the story, so that’s quite simple to design.

Regarding the brands, no name has been officially given so far, but there is a driking water brand, a duck-meat snack and a car manufacturer.

This is a delicate topic in China since in a previous movie of the Transformer franchise, a milk vbrand was involved in a food safety scandal. Such risks have been investigated for Transformers 4 and it seems there is no risk of such a controversy.

The representation of China will be as accurate as possible and many Chinese consultants have been involved in the process to ensure this. The Chinese audinece is to be charmed, not to be made upset.

The scenes have been checked, the China in Transformers 4 is accurate. The China in Transformers 4 is going to be consistent with contemporary China and the storyline is supposed to be realistic regarding this. Chinese actors and locations have been chosen.

These locations are essentially Ho,g Kong, with around 30 minutes of the movie taking place there, but there is mainland China locations: The Great Wall, Tianjin, Beijing CBD and Wulong and its moutain peaks in Southern China. A Chinese TV star appears in teh movie, the yound Li Bingbing with a important role. Some Chinese real TV winners will have an appearance as well.

Mst important of all for the Chinese audience: there is only one version of the movie woldwide. The Chinese audience and the US audience will see the same movie.


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