Crepanini, eat a crepe in Beijing


Looking for a french pancake or crepe in Beijing ? You can go and visit the Crepanini restautant, Since 2013, you can even visit Crepanini in 3 different places.

The first restaurant was open in Sanlitun some years ago. With good crepes, savory and sweet ones. The crepe come from Britanny in France, a place at the seaside and indeed the place has a romantic touch, with a seaside feeling attached to it. It is quite small but comfortable, the terrace in the summer is a great place to spend time in summer. The crepes re good quality, rather thin base and subtle flavour with good toppings.

This is one of the best places to spend some time in Sanlitun when the weather is good, a way to enjoy Beijing that is nt that common.

Other Crepanini restaurants have open recently. The second one in Beijing CBD, insde the brand new shopping mall Parkview green, one of the most beautiful and recent shopping malls in Beijing. The place there is quite different, it is less about charm but is is clearly a landmark inside the shopping mall with the restaurant located inside a Eiffel Tower. So you ll. see that Beijing CBD is a place not only dedicated to apartments but to nice quality casual food as well.

The third pace is an achievement for a foreign restaurant in Beijing, it is located in the super touristic Hutong Nanluoguxiang.

About the savory crepes, all the classic flavours are there, with evocative names, complète, atlantique, fermière, louvre, triskell, provençale, galète saucisse, eiffel, celtic.

In addition to crepes, you can as well eat panini sandwiches, waffles and a large selection of cakes : macarons, cupcakes, sundaes, milkshakes. Regarding the drinks, you can have wine, cider, beer and breakfasts .

This is not a high end restaurant, do not have too large expectations, but this is worth a good lunch.


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