5 museums to visit in Beijing


Beijing is a city of culuture, with many top Chinese univesities and thousands of years of history. It is now a place for creation, art and an important touristic destination attracting people from all around the world. Here is a selection of 5 museums you might wish to visit if you go there.

1) The Forbidden City

North of Tian An Men, the Forbidden Cuty id the imperial palace of ancient Chinese emperors, one of the symbols of China. It can be visited as an historical monument, but it is as well the largest museum in China, with impressive collections. There is over one millions items that are shown to the public there, some of them of unbelieavable value. Vessels, paintings, Jades, ancient calligraphy, dresses and jewels. The museum s spread across the various buildings of the Forbidden city, to visit it is is advisable to walk around while visiting the palace, or give yourself a specific theme, because the museum is too large to be visited in one day.

Adress: 故宫博物院;  东城区景山前街4号
Tel: (010) 65132255
Open everyday  8:30 to 16:30
Subway line 2; station: Tian An Men East

2) The Capital Museum

Since 2006, Inside a very beautifu building designed by the architects Jean-Marie Duthilleul and Cui Kai, the museum has two floors and two departments. . The first one is about Beijing City, its traditions and customs, the city’s hstory with models and various objects thata are representative of Beijibg’s culture. The second department is one of the largest art museums in China, with magnificient collections. Some painting back from Tang dynasty, calligraphy, vases, jades but some bronze items from the Warrying Kingdoms.

Adress:  首都博物馆, 北京市西城区复兴门外大街16号
Tel: (010) 6339 3339
Open everyday 9:00 to 16:00, closed on mondays
Subway line 1, station Muxidi

3) National museum of China

Result of the merging of two museums,  the Museum of Chinese Revolution and the Museum of History, the NAtional Museum of China has been totally renovated and reopened in 2011, with a surface area wich makes it the largest museum in the world. It counts 48 large rooms about the history of China from prehistory, then the expansion of China across the world until Ming and Qing dynasties. The modern China is described with opium wars, the revolution, and fundation of modern China, everything is developed in full extent. The collection feature many rare items, buddhist art, statues, jades. There is free temporary exhibitions.

Adress: 中国国家博物馆, 北京市东城区东长安街16号

Tel: (010)  6511 6400
Open every day  9:30 to 16:30, closed on
Subway line 2; station: Tian An Men East

4) The Urban Exhibition Hall

A vey interesting museum, rarely quoted amoug the best museums of Beijing but this is a mistake, it is one of the most interesting ones, with the history of urbanism in China’s capital city. You see how the city eveolved from its founding, with presentations, maps, models, aerial photos, especially about the amazing changes that have occured within the last 30 years. The rural migration, the destruction of hundreds of villages, the urban change. A place well conceived and interesting for those who are interested in Beijing’s future and the apartments that have been built there.

Adress: 北京規劃展覽館; 北京市东城区前门东大街20号
Tel: (010) 6701 7074
Open everyday from  9:00 to 16:00, closed on mondays
Subway line 2, station: Qianmen

C’est un musée qui possède de grandes collections d’art moderne et contemporain mais aussi d’art classique chinois. Le musée possède d’importantes collections d’artistes étrangers mais est aussi à ‘écoute de la création chinoise contemporaine avec des expositions temporaires régulièrement renouvelées. C’est un lieu qui accueille régulièrement d’importantes manifestations d’art contemporain, dont la biennale d’art contemporain de Chine. Outre les œuvres d’artistes connus ou moins connus, il y a de belles collections d’art populaire.

Adresse:     中国美术馆; 北京市东城区五四大街1号
Téléphone: (010)   64034952
Ouvert tous les jours de 9:00 à 17:00 – gratuit
Métro lignes 5 et 6, station Dongsi

5) The National Art Museum of China

This is a museum with large collections dedecated to contemporary art and classical Chinese art.  There is important foreign art collections, but is connected to the contemporary creation, there is many temporary exhibitions about various subjects. The Beiing art biennal takes place there. There is beautifui folk art collections.

Adress:     中国美术馆; 北京市东城区五四大街1
Tel: (010)   64034952
Open every day  9:00 to 17:00 – free
Métro lignes 5 et 6, station Dongsi


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