A solution against pollution : a giant electronic vacuum cleaner in the ground !


 Yes it could sound like an hoax, but it seems it is not. A Dutch designer called Daan Roosegarde believes he has found the solution against pollution in Beijing, and he is being taken seriously, he is even working with the mayor of Beijing about his revolutionary device.

The idea seems weird : you use copper coils, you create an electromagnetic field with them, the coils are buried in the ground and then the micro particles are drawn to the ground and can be cleaned.

Then you can breathe in the fied of clean air that has been created above the device.

Roosegarde says «  it creates these holes of 50 – 60 meters of clean so that you can see the sun again.

A public park in Beijing will demonstrate this technology selected by the Beijing municipal bureau.

The device works in a lab, a closed space and they are working on adapting it to open field. The copper coils will be hidden under a grass, you won see the particles being collected, it is scheduled to be ready within 18 months.

Daan Roosegarde says he goes from obsession to obsession and that since his last visit in Beijing, his current obsession is smog. He even dreams of making design with the smog as if smog was a veil on the city and in the meantime describe his invention as some kind of « electronic vacuum cleaner ».

He believes as well that it can draw the attention on the pollution problem, since on the device display location you can see the world with pollution and without it, underlying how serious it is.

According to him, when you switch the device on, the smog is immediately attracted and concentrated to the ground, you can see it, and then collect it, compress it.

Will Rossegarde plan to « update reality » will work ? He comes from a country where an has designed nature, so the most amazing thing is that it could work, and people will still want to visit Beijing.

From : Beijing Relocation

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Daan Roosegarde


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