Wudaoying Hutong, close to Yonghegong Lama Temple, the gentrified Hutong


The Wudaoying Hutong was once a poor Hutong, like most of these small alleys typical of northeastern China, with small fruit vendors, groceries and people living there in poverty for many years. Things have quickly evolved and nown the Wudaoying Hutong is probably one of the nicests in Beijing. Everything has been renovated and the place has now a unique appeal.

Close to the Yonghegong. The Tibetan Lama Temple is just there, one of the main temples of Beijing, active, clearly one to be visited. All around the Yonghegong, dozens of shops sell Bouddhist items, incense, statues, but there, just at the corner with the Costa Cafe and the KFC at the entrance is the Wudaoying Hutong.

KFC and Costa ? Yes, the area is changing. Still these two shops have an unusually nice outfit adapted to the classical architecture of the place. There is here clearly a will to establish a real attractive place, protecting the neighborhood. The ally is nice and the cafes have developed everywhere, attracting artists, Chinese and foreigners.

What are the best places to visit in this small Hutong ? A mix of old fashion, hip clothes and nice dining places. And hidden behing the walls, some magnificient Beijing courtyards, luxury residences that are more and more sought after, at least at pae with the best apartment compounds in Beijing.

Mexican Food can be enjoyed in Sand Peebles, a place with a very good reputation for mexican food. Try it yourself and decide what is your opinion about it, but I loved it really, nachos and burritos worth eating in Beijing.

The Vineyard is one of the best places to eat simple but really good western meals in Beijing, with a great attention put on the quality of the products for pizzas, hamburgers, steaks and many snacks with a very good selection of wine bottles with logical prices. If you prefer beer, the restaurant has a branch “Stuffed” just at the cornet with home made beer, realy worth a visit.

There is as well a strange thing to see: a Vampire Bar, yes , in Beijing, and a cat bar not far from it, if you feel less adventurous.

There is musical venues, the most active one is the school bar with its underground music place with concerts, rock and Beijing punk most of the time. Not very far, the Va Bar offer gigs as well, with many foreign bands.

You’ll find a couple of art galleries, clothes designers. Wudaoying attarcts a calm, urban crowd od people looking for a nice place to spend some time.

You are waited there !



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