Antique furniture for your apartment in Beijing : Gaobeidian Market and Shilihe


When you visit Beijing, you will soon discover that it is very difficult to find antique furniture, probably because this type of decoration is not appealing for a vast majority of the Chinese contemporary generation. Chinese people are essentially looking for modern and contemporary furniture and are somehow neglecting things from the past.

Still, there are people looking for ancient Chinese furniture, some foreigners visiting Beijing and attracted by the exotic and classy style as well as many Chinese people. There is even a trend in renovating ancient Hutongs (the traditionnal courtyards in northeastern China) with ancint furniture and many well-off Chinese people have villas in the surroundings of Beijing with amazing decoration, with replicas of Tang dynasty, Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty furniture.

We can give you some adresses you can visit if you are looking for antique Chinese furniture, wether genuine object or replicas. Be aware that we can only give you the adress but we cannot guarantee what are the places that are selling the real stuff or fake one. You have to be careful when if you are buying something, Chinese craftsmen are virtuosos when it comes to imitate antique things. The adress which is given in most guides is Liulichang, but Liulichang is essentially about objects and paintings, if you are looking for furniture you can visit :

Gaobeidian Antique Market

Gaobeidian village is in the east of Beijing, a little apart from major city landmarks. It is definitely one the places to go if you are interested in Chinese furniture. Some of the shops are owned by crafstmen that can make furniture following you indication, other shops are selling objects and furniture produced in workshops all over China. Some of the places are amazing, some others are basically warehouses without logic, some other places are owned by pasionnate specialists of what they are selling.

Gaobeidian is a kind of small village dedicated to furniture, it is quite large but the most famous shop thre is now Lily’s Antique, a large place with an amazing display of all kinds furniture, with impored things and antiques collected by their team of specialists all over China.

You can access there by subway, on the Batong line (the one east of line 1), Gaobeidian subway station and then head south for a 10 minutes walk, you’ll then be surprised to discover the village.

If you go there by taxi, here is the adress in Chinese :

北京 高碑店古典家具市场


Shilihe Market : Chang Tian Antique City

Shilihe is a very large place where you’ll find everything you need for your apartement in Beijing. If you go there, you ‘ll find a very large place street with several very large shopping malls, some of them are specialized : sofas ; beds, renovation, bathrooms… Hundreds of crafstmen are there ready to install the things where you live or to halp renovate your apartment or Hutong.

There is one mall specialized in antiques, at the west end of the street, close from the subway station (Shilihe), the Chang Tian Antique City, with several floors of furniture.

Again, you’ll have to be curious since there is all kind of stuff there, from jade stones, antique dresses, vases, religious objects and among other things, furniture. Shilihe is definitely a place to go, even as a tourist, since you’ll be able to find any kind of furniture there.

Very easy access from the metro : Shilhe station, the funiture street is just there, at the southeast of the station.

If you are going by taxi, here is the Chinese address :

程田古玩城 , 十里河


On the web about these places:


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