A neighborhood of Beijing : Sihui, Qingnian and Yaojiayuan, going east !

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Beijing is an ever-expanding city, it is developing in every direction. The urban growth that has begun in the 1980s has never stopped since then, the prices are always increasing in spite of all the efforts of the Chinese authorities. Beijing is the Tier I city in China where price control policies have proven a failure, when other cities such as Shanghai have proven their efficiency about this problem in the past two years.

The price problem, and some places can be impressively expensive,  makes it more and more difficult for the expanding urban new Chinese middle class to find a suitable apartment in the Beijing downtown close to where they work. This is as well the reason why Beijing middle class people are spreading in new areas, in what was before the city suburbs but is more and more enclosed withing the active areas of the capital city. This creates a lot of opportuities for real estate entrepreneurs to build new residential compounds in areas that where once neglexted.

In the east of Beijing, the phenomenon is striking, brand new areas are designed to live in, let’s have a look on one of them, the large triangle that consists in Sihui, Yaojiayuan and Qingnian, around the fourth ring road. These places have been for a while a forest of cranes but things are currently taking form and these are actually new welcoming neighborhoods, with housing and activities.

Another reason of the developemenbt of the area is that many companes are looking for office space and moving est as well, settling their companies there, not far from Beijing CBD and Chaoyang.

Chinese people call now this large area Chaoqing, because of Chaoyang district and Qingnian area, the two names put in one word, as Chinese people usually do.

About the advantages, this is a district open to the rest of Beijing, with the Jintong expressway, a major traffic axis leading to the east, and the fourth ring road that allow you to access rather quickly in most Beijing landmarks. The disadvantage is the increasing number of traffic jams, but this is the same all over Beijing. The subway is developing too, and line 1, 6 and the Batong line allow you to move quickly towards Beijing center.

apart beijing

Southeast of Chaoyang Park and around Honglijin Park

This is a nice place to live in, with green spaces not too far, a nice thing in Beijing. Furthermore, you have now everything at hand there, even international schools such as a branch of the Yew Chung International School and the Yew Wah International Education Foundation.

For shopping many amenities. The most spectacular one is Joy City, or “ Dayue Cheng”, one of the largest and most luxurious shopping malls in Beijing. In Yoaojiayuan Lu, you have a Carrefour, an April Gourmet and a Jenny Wang.

Apartment compounds in Qingnian

You might be interested in Joy Mansion 大悦公寓 , the apartements that go with Joy City, very spectacular view there, or Star River 星河湾, with its sunny apartments.

Other compounds you can rent apartement in: Garden Side 润枫嘉尚, Qing Nian Hui 青年汇,Roman Gardens 珠江罗马嘉园, Riverside 润枫水上,Chaoyang Garden 朝阳园 and Swan Bay 天鹅湾.
Apartment compounds in Yaojiayuan

Close to the large Chaoyan Park, a place that makes sense when you have kids, with many interniational groceries such as a Jenny Wang and a Carrefour, you might rent an apartment in The Greenwich 逸翠园 or Go Home 华纺易城 (yes, this is the actual name… do not take it too personnaly).

Apartment compounds in Sihui

Be warned, this is further east, but a developping area that might be a good idea for a large apartement with an affordable rent not too far from Beijing Chaoyang.

A residential area where we suggest you can rent an apartment in Beaufort 凯德锦绣 , a new coupound, or in Gemdale City Crown 金 地名 京.

That’s all I can say about these areas in a few words, I’ll may develop ater other Beijing neighborhoods.




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